Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Cabs


Queensbury Cars is providing neat and clean service from last 30 years in the area of Queensbury. Our car service is climate controlled and new which ensure safe ride in Queensbury. Our service provides fine patient transportation service with the help of expert drivers and wheelchair accessible cars. Our drivers are fully trained with PATS and MiDAS schemes and provide exceptional service to the patients in the area of Queensbury. We have rules for the customer service to ensure that the journey is provided safe:

Precautions taken by driver outside the cabs are:

  • The ramp of the car is always checked.
  • We park the car with the Curb that the passenger faces less steepness.
  • We ensure the wheelchair is pushed correctly to get in the car.
  • Our driver makes sure that the wheelchair doesn’t hit any other part of the car.

Precautions that are taken inside the car are.

  • We make certain that the angle of the wheelchair is not on the side ways.
  • We have unique wheelchair accessible cars that can fit all kind of wheelchairs
  • We position the wheelchair in such manner that the other passenger is comfortable
  • We take care that the wheelchair brakes are always on
  • We provide seat belt to the customer is on the wheelchair.
  • Our wheelchair restraints are strong and can handle every kind of force.

Our service has hired the drivers with MiDAS and PATS trained drivers that have attended all the lessons


The main points of the training are

  • Safe wheelchair transportation
  • Safety and Health
  • Helping the people with disabilities
  • Dealing legal issues


They got the training of:

  • To help the disable passenger
  • Special supervision for the child and adults
  • Helping the people with disabilities
  • Helping the patient with care and safety